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Click the link below to fill out the application! If you would like to learn more about each position, check out the slideshow linked below! Have a question about the application? Email PHC President at phc.president@unlv.edu


Have any questions about Fall Recruitment? You can DM @unlvphc on Instagram, email phc.recruitment@unlv.edu, or fill out the contact form on this website and we'll get back to you ASAP!

UNLV Panhellenic Life


As sorority women, our first and foremost reason for attending UNLV is to gain an education. We pride ourselves on striving for good grades. We ensure that all women in the 6 chapters on our campus are in good academic standing and attain a designated GPA for their membership in her sorority.


In each Panhellenic chapter, the women have the opportunity to take officer positions that help shape their leadership skills. Alongside that, we have many women involved in many different campus clubs and organizations, including student government and our own Panhellenic Council.


Philanthropy is one of the cornerstones of sorority membership. Being a member of a sorority allows opportunities to give back to your community. Sorority involvement provides members with more than the opportunity to simply volunteer their time, but also the chance to work together with members of their chapter to create a better community.


When each member joins a sorority, they gain sisters. Through sisterhood, you are able to build friendships that will last a lifetime. Each of our chapters on UNLV's campus shares an incredible bond. Some of the best moments are shared when we are with our sisters. We pride ourselves on the true friendships that we create.


Alpha Delta Pi

Epsilon Rho

Greek Letters: ΑΔΠFounded: May 15, 1851Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House CharitiesMotto: "We Live For Each Other."Mascot: "Alphie" the LionColors: Azure Blue & White

Alpha Gamma Delta

Delta Omicron

Greek Letters: ΑΓΔFounded: May 30, 1904Philanthropy: Alpha Gamma Delta FoundationMotto: "Loving. Leading. Lasting"Mascot: SquirrelColors: Red, Buff & Green

Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Epsilon

Greek Letters: ΑΞΔFounded: April 17, 1893Philanthropy: Kindly Hearts InitiativeMotto: "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword."Symbol: QuillColors: Light Blue, Dark Blue, & Gold

Gamma Phi Beta

Eta Rho

Greek Letters: ΓΦΒFounded: November 11, 1874Philanthropy: Building Strong GirlsMotto: "Founded On a Rock."Symbol: CrescentColors: Brown, Mode, and Pink

Sigma Kappa

Theta Eta

Greek Letters: ΣΚFounded: November 9, 1874Philanthropy: Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology Research, Maine Sea Coast Mission & Alzheimer's Disease ResearchMotto: "One heart, One way."Symbol: Dove & HeartColors: Maroon & Lavender

Zeta Tau Alpha

Iota Eta

Greek Letters: ΖΤΑFounded: October 15, 1898Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education & AwarenessMotto: "Seek the Noblest."Symbol: Five-Pointed CrownColors: Turquoise & Steel Gray


Panhellenic Council is the governing body of the six National Panhellenic Conference recognized sororities at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The Executive Council is composed of five women who represent these chapters and work together to further develop the Panhellenic Greek Life community on campus. They are responsible for planning various speakers and events throughout the semester, overseeing Formal Recruitment in the Fall, coordinating Greek Week with other councils on campus, and countless other responsibilities to enrich the Panhellenic community.

The National Panhellenic Conference Crest


The mission of the Panhellenic Council at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is to develop and maintain sorority life and inter-sorority relations at a high level of accomplishment, while also encouraging the four pillars of Panhellenic Life: superior scholarship, educational programming, philanthropic involvement, civic engagement, and leadership development.

2023 Executive Board

Photo of Panhellenic President, Olivia Watson


Olivia Hanna

Photo of Panhellenic Executive Vice President, Hailee Marter

Executive Vice President

Hailee Marter

Photo of Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Peyton Quon

Vice President of Recruitment

Lauren Ortiz

Photo of Panhellenic Vice President of Inclusion, Ashley McCoy

Vice President of Inclusion

Ashley McCoy

Photo of Panhellenic Vice President of Marketing, Jenna Shattles

Vice President of Marketing

Jenna Shattles

Hazing Prevention

Among all Panhellenic Chapters, there is no tolerance for hazing of any kind.Hazing is defined as "any action taken or any situation created intentionally that causes embarrassment, harassment or ridicule, and risks emotional and/or physical harm to members of a group or team, whether new or not, regardless of the person’s willingness to participate."Although we can define hazing in these terms, it may be difficult to decide whether a situation is hazing while it is happening. Therefore, all Panhellenic women need to be educated on how to identify, prevent, and stand up against hazing.Please take a moment to learn more about hazing prevention from the resources below.


UNLV's Office of Student Conduct
Take the Hazing Prevention Pledge

Make the Commitment to End Hazing!

Anti - Hazing Hotline

The Hotline provides an anonymous telephone line for anyone to report a suspected or recent hazing incident to one number 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293) that accepts calls 24 hours a day.

Recruitment Info

UNLV's Panhellenic Council hosts two different types of Recruitment processes.

The first is Formal Recruitment, which takes place every Fall semester in September. Formal Recruitment is a 3-day process, where each potential new member (PNM) is given the opportunity to meet and bond with all of our Panhellenic sororities at UNLV. You can find out more about Formal Recruitment here.Informal Recruitment takes place in the Spring semester of each year! It varies based on each individual chapter. Each sorority will host its own events that PNMs can attend if they would like to learn more about that specific organization. In order to learn more about which sororities will be hosting Informal Recruitment, it is best to contact the individual sororities. There is not a time period in which this will happen and no universal process.

Benefits of Joining a Sorority

- Make lifelong friendships within your chapter and with members of other Greek organizations
- Become more involved on campus by participating in philanthropies and other campus events
- Give back to the community through participation in philanthropies and volunteer opportunities
- Gain leadership skills by holding positions in your chapter or on the Panhellenic Council
- Improve your academics with support from your chapter and study groups

Formal Recruitment

We are delighted that you are interested in joining UNLV's Greek Community!

Formal Panhellenic Recruitment takes place every Fall Semester here at UNLV! It is a wonderful way to not only get to know our 7 Panhellenic chapters but the Greek community as a whole. Greek life not only allows you to get more involved on campus but within our community as well.Formal Recruitment is a 4-day process that will take place September 8th-12th. All Potential New Members (PNM) will have the opportunity to meet, ask questions and learn more about all our wonderful chapters and what they have to offer.

If you have more questions about Fall 2022 Formal Recruitment, please email our Director of Recruitment, Peyton Quon, at phc.recruitment@unlv.edu

If you have any concerns about being able to pay the registration fee, please email our
Executive Vice president, Hailee Marter, at phc.administration@unlv.edu

Upcoming PHC Events

PHC Events

Find more info on Upcoming Fall PHC Events on our Instagram @unlvphc

PHC Delegate Meetings

PHC Executive Board and delegates from each of our seven Panhellenic chapters meet every other Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the Student Union. These meetings are open to all members of the Panhellenic Council, and it's encouraged for non-delegate members to also attend to learn more about PHC. Reach out to your Chapter's Delegate to attend!

If you have any programming-related questions you can email Hailee, the PHC Executive Vice President at phc.administration@unlv.edu

Spring Recruitment

During the spring semester, sororities participate in a form of recruitment which is known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB). During this time each sorority hosts its own events or meets with PNM's individually to see if they would be a good addition to their sisterhood. Not every sorority participates in spring recruitment, so if you are interested in joining a sorority this semester, those recruiting are listed below along with the contact information of their recruitment chair.

Lauren Lander

Hailee Marter
(701) 425-1241

Bailey Maya
(702) 883-9253

Aly Smith

Steffi Sorrentino
IG: @steffisorrentino

Reagan McGrath
(508) 244-8641

Cierra Evans

Important Info for PNMs

Below are documents that PNM's should be aware of prior to Recruitment to ensure that they are well informed and prepared.

PNM Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics states the rules that PNM's must abide by before and during recruitment. This code of ethics promotes mutual respect between all parties involved in recruitment to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

PNM Bill of Rights

These are your rights as a Potential New Member. If you're worried that your rights are being infringed upon don't hesitate to reach out to the PHC Executive Vice President Hailee Marter at phc.administration@unlv.edu.


The MRABA is the contract that PNM's sign on the third day of recruitment. It is a binding agreement where you list the sororities (up to two) that you are willing to accept a bid from. This form solidifies that you can only receive a bid from the organization(s) you list. If you receive a bid and decide not to accept it, the MRABA makes you ineligible to join a sorority until the next primary recruitment period (Fall 2022). This also applies if you accept a bid and then sometime during the new member process decide not to continue membership with that sorority. PNM's should note that if they do not feel ready to make the commitment to a sorority, they are not required to sign the MRABA.

Sorority Terms

Recruitment is a wonderful experience, but we know that it can be overwhelming too! Here are some terms you might hear during recruitment. Knowing them could help you have a better understanding of the recruitment experience.

Bid: An official invitation to join a specific sorority.Chapter: The local collegiate group of a national organization.Continuous Open Bidding (COB): This is an informal recruitment process where chapters host their events or meet one-on-one with PNMs to find more members for their sisterhood. COB takes place after fall recruitment and throughout the spring semester.Initiation: A ceremony in which new members become an official members of their sorority.Legacy: A woman whose family member is an alumna or active member of a sorority.National Panhellenic Conference: An umbrella organization for 26 national women's organizations (sororities) throughout the United States and Canada.Philanthropy: Each Greek organization has a different philanthropic partner that they work to raise money and awareness for.Potential New Member (PNM): A woman going through the recruitment process that may potentially join a chapter.Recruitment Guide: During the recruitment weekend you will be put in a group with other PNMs and the leader of the group is considered a Recruitment Guide. They are a member of one of the chapters on campus and their goal is to be an unbiased guide to PNMs in the recruitment process.Round: Each day you will meet chapters, and each meeting is known as a party. They will be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Use this time to get to know each organization and learn about what makes them special. "Rounds" is the term used to describe each day of the recruitment process. For example, philanthropy round, preference round, etc.


- Be open-minded and don't let any preconceived ideas influence your perceptions of each sorority or affect the decisions you make.
- Be authentic. The chapters want to see the real you, not someone you think you need to be.
- Look at the sorority as a whole, don't judge the entire chapter on one woman.
- Even if you don't think you want to be in a specific sorority, still stay engaged in the conversations because you may end up making a genuine connection.
- Ask questions! It shows that you're engaged and keeps the conversation running smoothly.
- Take notes after each party so you can remember what you liked and didn't like.
- Make friends with the women in your recruitment group! Whether they become your sister or not, they could become a lifelong Panhellenic friend!
- Remember to make decisions based on your experiences, not those of anyone else.
- Don't interpret any remark as a guarantee of receiving a bid.
- Recruitment is a long process, so get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and don't forget to eat!
- Trust the process! Everything happens for a reason and you're going to end up where you're meant to be!


- Make sure to eat well the morning of recruitment, get a good night's rest, and drink lots of water. Recruitment days can get very long!
- Wear something you will be confident in (while also following the dress code)!
- Get yourself prepared the night before. Whether that be laying out your outfit, packing your bag, or doing your homework early!
- Take notes when you can. You'll be meeting lots of new people and getting a lot of new info throughout the weekend!

Recruitment Guides

Recruitment Guides are an integral part of the recruitment process. As a Recruitment Guide, you represent the entire PHC community and lead a group of women through the formal recruitment process to help them find their home in Panhellenic. Not only do you get to see recruitment run from a whole new point of view, but you also get to make lasting friendships with women from all 7 of our chapters.If you have questions about the recruitment guide experience, please contact the Vice President of Recruitment, Peyton Quon, at phc.recruitment@unlv.eduApplications for Fall 2022 Recruitment Guides will open soon!

Parent Information

Welcome to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Panhellenic community. Entering college will be an exciting and challenging time for you and your daughter. UNLV is diverse community with unlimited choices and opportunities, one of them being Greek Life. The Panhellenic Greek community offers involvement in activities outside the classroom in order to enhance her academic experiences. We hope that your daughter will consider membership with one of our seven Panhellenic Chapters on our campus!

Photo of 3 Girls at a Pumpkin Patch
By being an active parent during your daughter's sorority experience, your daughter will benefit from having her parents support. Encourage and support your daughter throughout her recruitment and new member process as she finds her home away from home. Our Panhellenic women will be more than happy speak with you about their sorority experience.
Photo of a Panhellenic Woman with her Mother outside
Sororities strive to achieve the greatest potential from each individual member, utilizing each person's talents and showcasing success.
Photo of a Panhellenic Woman with her Mother at a Parent's Weekend Event
Our chapters also host events such as parents' weekend, moms' day and dads' day events to encourage parent involvement. Take those opportunities to meet the women she calls her sisters as well as meet other parents of sorority women.

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The National Panhellenic Conference Crest

Have a Question? Send it Our Way!

Incident/Violation Reports

PHC Incident Report

The College Panhellenic Violation Report notifies the Panhellenic Council of any recruitment or bylaw infractions within the Panhellenic community. Reports will be received by the Panhellenic President, Executive Vice President, and the Panhellenic Advisor.

Who can submit violation reports?

Non-recruitment infractions can only be reported and signed by the following:

- Chapter president on behalf of her chapter
- Chapter executive officer/board member on behalf of her chapter
- College Panhellenic Officer
- Fraternity/sorority advisor

Recruitment infractions can only be reported and signed by the following:

- Chapter president on behalf of her chapter
- College Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment
- A recruitment guide
- Potential new member
- Fraternity/sorority advisor

College Panhellenic Violation Report:

UNLV Student Conduct Incident Report

"The UNLV student conduct process is designed to address allegations of student/student organization misconduct in a fair and consistent manner. Any member of the university or local community may file an incident report with the Office of Student Conduct. Our office investigates all reports and uses its discretion with regard to filing charges against a student/student organization." - UNLV Student Conduct Office

Chapter-Specific Incident Reports

The Headquarters of each of our Panhellenic Chapters take any and all incident reports very seriously. We have attached links to each organization's contact requests.